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(Junk Jockey)
July 12th 2014

United States

37 Chevy front axle,tie rods,and brake assemblies

the radiator shell is off a 28 Ford truck with a 37 Ford hood ordinament

the frame is custom made from 2x3 steel tubing

the round container that is used for the radiator overflow is from a Marvel Mystery oil system

the engine is out of a 1980's Camaro, it's stock accept for the intake manifold and Holley carb

the body steel metal comes from 1927 Ford coupe and touring car

the rear view mirror on the dash is held in place with an old frying pan handle

the bezel around speedometer is from a 1965 Corvair Monza

the transverse leaf spring across the back end is from a 1928 model A

the stars on the car come from the center of a old O'Keefe and Merritt gas stoves burners

the rear end is from a mid 70's Ford van

the trailing arms on the front end and back end came from speedway engineering

the fiction shocks on the front end came from Speedway Engineering

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