omega guages and new wiring

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Rat rod going by the name of Gloria Tortuga, this is a one of a kind 52 has patinaed paint showing many layers, but sealed with a satin clear coat. She is a beauty and has a newly rebuilt (Doug Anderson) 255 c.i. Mercury Flathead with aluminum Offenhauser heads and intake manifold. Sitting atop of the power plant is a 390 Holly 4 barrel. Timing is provided by MSD HEI and a Pro Comp distributor. New headers and exhaust allow her husky breath to pass. Attached behind is a Borg-Warner T-5 transmission and new drive shaft. She has a complete new wiring harness, new old school Omega guages, blinkers and horn. New tires and a recovered seat round off her package. She drives like a new old truck and is a blast. Also registered with a NM 1952 Truck Plate. Willing to talk trade (new project + cash). (505) 450-7673

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