Theater seats, Studebaker Lark instruments

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The seats are good for a triple feature, at the drive-in of course. These were salvaged from the old Amherst Cinema. Had to cut the cast iron arms off on one side, what a job. I gave up trying to do it myself and took it to a pro with a pressure cutter. I made some pods out of big truck exhaust pipe and filled them with NOS Lark instrument clusters...the Hawk toggle switches occupy where the original speedometer and gauges lived.

Uploaded by garyhallgren on December 4th 2017

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(Junk Jockey)
December 4th 2017

United States

This truck came out of a barn after 38 years complete except for battery. It was also festooned with pipe racks and work boxes...and mouse nests everywhere. The mice ruined the windshield header, backlight header and their excreta ate holes in the fenders under the headlight pods. It's powered by a 1963 Studebaker 289 R2, which means supercharged. It sits on Studebaker truck axles from 1957, rear is 4.10 TT. Those are Stude truck wheels and caps, too.