Rat Rod Video

Scratch-Built Hot Rod / Rat Rod from Cutworm

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A video presentation of a scratch-built hot rod / rat rod truck from Cutworm Specialties, Inc.

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A few years after opening the shop, while looking to obtain more experience in fabrication to compliment the invaluable knowledge gained in engine service and repair, Cutworm Specialties, Inc. owner, Jeb Greenstone, started building custom motorcycles with an emphasis on retro-styling coupled with simplistic functionality.

Along the way, Jeb realized he could now possibly fulfill a dream that he had carried for over ten years � build a 1930 chop top Model A.This dream of a custom Model A quickly hit the wall of reality when Jeb started shopping around for bodies and realized that the bodies were either in poor condition or too expensive. Instead of giving up on the dream, Jeb accepted this as a challenge and decided to take on the project from a different approach. If the bodies were not available to purchase reasonably, why not fabricate the bodies from scratch?

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