Rat Rod Video

1940 GMC Rat Rod Pick-up

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1940 GMC was a 3/4 ton truck originally. It has a custom built frame with a speedway 6 inch drop tube axel and front disc brakes. The grill is off a 1934 Ford Coupe, with a Afco aluminum radiator. 350 small block with a Wiend 174 super charger and a 2 Barrygrant Demon 98 two barrel carburetor. Petronics Street Fire distributer and a MSD Street Fire ignition box. The cab has been angle chopped 4.5 inches in the front and 3.5 inches in the rear. The body is sectioned 6 inches over the frame. The brakes a nine inch from a Ford with a 56 Buick brake drum cover. The bed is hand made out of 16 gauge sheet metal, and the wood is out of a 72 Ford Pickup. The wheels are 32 Ford wire wheels, and the gas tank is a speedway 10 gallon tank. It has a 48 Ford tail lights and 32 Ford head lights.

Over $100,000 invested, and only Asking $55,900.


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