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Shooting Krysten with the Pulse Jet Lakester

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Writer and photographer Randy Johnson captured Krysten Barker in a model shoot to illustrate an upcoming magazine story for Car Kulture Deluxe #67 magazine, on sale November 4, 2014. It’s about Rocket Man Bob Maddox and his outrageous jet-powered lakester race car. The Pulse Jet Lakester is powered by Maddox’s V-1 engine with over 800 pounds of thrust. The car’s beautiful polished aluminum body was hand-formed by Randy Grubb, creator of Jay Leno’s Tank Car, the Decoliner, and the Decopods.

Hazel-eyed retro pin-up Krysten gave a high-octane performance just perfect for the nostalgic post-WWII lakester race car with the monstrous exhaust. The setting: Gold Hill in Southern Oregon\

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